Odessa Silicon Days

Today Odessa is full of innovations: the provides e-tickets, open budget, citizen card, ProZorro system, accounting appliances services – the Mayor has introduced the program of city development until 2022. According to the concept, Odessa will develop 5T strategy which includes tourism, technology, transportation, trust and trade, and important thing is that preferable direction is exactly technology innovation.

As the Deputy Mayor of Odessa Pavel Vulgelman has mentioned at the meeting: “The next year requires the highest level of concentration of our efforts in realization prioritized investment projects. Analyzing the main part of the city we can declare that our own Silicon Valley already exists. The number of market players steadily growing both inside and outside the city – big international companies are eager to make Odessa become a great outsourcing center”.

“The prime-minister of India has conducted the 10-steps program called “Startap-India”. For example – 1 of those 10 steps of the program is that if you have proved that you invested in your own startup you become exempt of taxes. Another example is that municipalities in USA assist in reconstructing old factories into co-working spaces; moreover, they help private investors to acquire them. In New York there are a lot of startup-incubators were creating with the aim to solve existing problems of the city. If we say about Kyiv it is still obvious that our smart-city rate is very low – there are no intelligent traffic lights or automated control of water supply. Hope that we can see these implemented in Odessa”. – Denis Gurskiy, founder of 1991 Open Data Incubator.

Today of the projects of Odessa City Council in frames of «ODESSA 5Т» strategy is building “Odessa Silicon Valley” that aims to create separate tech-park which can cover venture, science, education and business development directions. It is expected that the area will introduced preferential taxation and companies within the zone will be able to conduct their activities in very favorable environment. Thus, it should result in revitalization of startup and IT industry in Odessa, investment inflow from both local and international investors.

Despite the fact that establishing such conditions in frames of special zone requires not only investments but also would take some time, today already a lot of international outsourcing companies make them at home in Odessa: Ciklum, Luxoft, Provectus, Lohika, Intersog, DataArt, Beetroot Resources, HYS Enterprise, product-developers Comodo Group, Yandex.Ukraine, NetCracker, Readdle, Opera Software Ukraine etc. There are also at least 9 big communities among programmers, developers, teststers, HR’s as well as the number of lecturing halls and IT incubators has increased significantly. Every year new successful companies born in Odessa, there are some of them have already become well known worldwide - Kwambio, Augmented Pixels, Looksery.

"Entrepreneurs from all around the world come to our country to find a technical co-founder. Here in Ukraine we have an opporsite situation: we have a lot of people with technical backgrounds, but usually without entrepreneurial skills. We must not forget that technology accounts in only 20% of success when 80% depend on the ability to present and sell the product. Ukrainians have two options: either learning trade and management from international experts or establishing joint global enterprise."- Andrey Kolodyuk, Founder and Managing partner of AVentures Capital, Chairman of UVCA