Lviv and IT: navigating the future

Regarding the investments in IT and M&A Andrey Kolodyk as one of the speakers mentioned that building Ukrainian companies aiming the global market is the main direction that UVCA supports and facilitates. The key-points of Ukrainian Venture Capital and Private Equity Overview 2015 were discussed by governmental and IT- business representatives with the emphasize on rising of Ukrainian investment market attractiveness – according to it 132 million of investments was raised in 2015 year that increased by 237% in comparison with year 2014.

The main question in current development of the sector is not the capital raising by itself but the creation of qualitative products and building strong teams, - Pavlo Sheremeta, moderator of the panel, Founder of Kyiv Mohyla Business School, Founding Director, School of Public Management.

Another significant discussion was held by UVCA in frames of Lviv IT Arena Conference on October 1. Prominent Ukrainian capital investors and business angels discussed their algorithms for investing in Ukraine’s tech industry. The ledaing experts of the industry has shared their vision: Lenna Koszarny (Founding Partner and Chief Executive Officer of Horizon Capital), Oleksii Vitchenko (CEO of Digital Future), Anrdey Kolodyuk (Managing partner of AVentures Capital and Head of UVCA Supervisory Board), Vitaly Golomb (Investment-lead at the HP Tech Ventures), Alexander Galitsky (Co-founder and Managing partner of Almaz Capital).

“There are 2-3 deals are closing every week in Ukraine”, - Andrey Kolodyuk “All the projects we want to invest in should be aiming the global market", - Oleksii Vitchenko.

Investment lead of HP Tech Ventures Vitaly Golomb has mentioned that the final goal isn’t only to earn money after investing: “We’re investing in a third technology revolution.” The investor, writer and entrepreneur Vitaly Golomb has also mentioned: “I cannot say to a friend of mine, ‘Hey, you should go to Ukraine and invest.’ There’re a lot of things that are still missing, that’s why I am here investing my time.”

“We look, first of all, at the entrepreneur, at the spark in the eye. We look for passion, we look for energy,” Koszarny said. “Investing is both art and science.”

Alexander Galitsky, who has invested in more than 30 companies globally, including $3.6 million investment into Ukrainian pet-monitoring device developer Petcube, told the audience that despite the fact that an idea can be born in any place around the world, he would only invest in companies that were registered in countries with the developed legislature. Where are the leading Ukrainian and foreign investors aiming to invest in Ukraine? Watch the video: