Investors & Founders – meeting of startup СЕОs with Alex Romanovich14 Sep 2016

Apart from the main mission of UVCA to develop investment market and improve the business climate in our country, Association helps in promotion of technology products of ukrainian developers and scaling the business of startups. One of the formats UVCA implements this is conducting the meetings of startup CEOs with experienced experts. Such a meeting was repeatedly held with invited speaker Alex Romanovich – marketing specialist experienced in founding companies such as Social2B and Viosk, today Alex is a chief marketing strategist at The CMO Club. During the meetings, participants have the opportunity to discuss issues of product development and it’s promotion at the US market, problems related to entering the market, dealind with the hired stuff. Speaker emphasize the role of CEO as an active leader, capable to communicate easely, geather the right information and to lead the team respecting it’s competition.