Investment breakfast with the Ambassador of Switzerland to Ukraine

As you know UVCA has conducted Ukrainian Davos Nights in frames of WEF 2017, that was taking place in Switzerland on January of this year. Aside from this,  Lenna Koszarny, UVCA Supervisory Board member and Andrey Kolodyuk, the Chairman of UVCA, took part at the Switzerland-Ukraine Business Roundtable "Ukraine: Brain Bank and Bread Basket" organized by  Joint Chamber of Commerce Switzerland-CIS/Georgia JCC  in partnership with the Embassy of Switzerland in Ukraine.

In order to provide UVCA with the follow up on WEF and Ukrainian Davos Nights, as well as to discuss possibilities of Swiss-Ukrainian collaboration, Ambassador of Switzerland to Ukraine and Moldova Mr. Guillaume Scheurer met UVCA members at the Investment breakfast.

Ambassador has emphasized with the role of Ukrainian Davos Nights not only for Swiss-Ukrainian collaboration but for Ukrainian business scene in general. As greatly noticed Lenna Koszarny – we all aimed to turning Ukraine's 3C’s associated with Corruption-Crime-Conflict to 4B’s – Brain Bank & Bread Basket. At the same time, she pointed out, that Ukrainian Davos Nights 2017 was only a start of initiative, which is going to be continued and spread, so the next year UVCA is going to held the whole Ukrainian House during the WEF 2018.

“It is not about talks, more about responsibility. If you have roads for investors – they will come here. That is exactly what we are working on here”

Lenna Koszarny
UVCA SB Member

Important to note, that the significant number of Swiss-TV representatives attended the first Ukrainian business event in Davos and reportages made by them have raised the awareness about Ukrainian investment market and busisess-opportunities. Totally around 60 entrepreneurs, investors and companies’ representatives from Switzerland visited Ukrainian Davos Nights.

To say more about Swiss-Ukrainian collaboration we have to mention that Switzerland's objective on Ukraine is two-fold:  support for the country's reforms and engagement in peace policy.

According to the Swiss cooperation strategy for Ukraine for 2015-2018, the list of Ukraine’s 10 most prioritized reforms includes anti-corruption reform and lustration, judicial reform, de-centralization and state governance reform, reform of national security and defense system, health care reform, tax reform, energy independence program, global promotion of Ukraine, reform of law enforcement system, deregulation and development of entrepreneurship. UVCA profile committees’ representatives have established good connection with the Embassy of Switzerland in Ukraine in terms of cooperation in fostering related reforms.

We want to take this opportunity to assure our highest respect to the Embassy of Switzerland to Ukraine and to express our big gratitude to Mr. Guillaume Scheurer, Mrs. Olena Gut, Mr. Christoph Späti for their kind hospitality.

Big thanks for joining UVCA Investment breakfast: Olga Afanasyeva (UVCA), Andrey Kolodyuk (AVentures), Denis Dovgopoliy (GrowthUp), Bohdan Kupych (KMCore), Francis Malige (EBRD), Gregory Fishman (Deloitte), Anna Zorya (Arzinger), Oksana Volynets (WolfTheiss), Lenna Koszarny (Horizon Capital), Roman Zinchenko (Greencubator), Olexandra Alkhimovych (Luxoft).

More photos from the event you may find here.