Ukrainian technologies were successfully presented at the Wearable Technology Show09 Mar 2017

This year Ukrainian startups have perfectly showed up at the Consumer electronics Show 2017, attracting a great attention of world’s technology-related community, journalists and suppliers. One of those interested parties has become the Wearable Technology Show, which takes place these days in London (March 7&8, 2017). Being excited with Ukrainian technological products, the Wearable Technology proposed UVCA to choose best startups to present Ukraine at the show.

As the result, 6 companies have become the participants of the Show: Hideez, Cardiomo, Technovator, HushMe, Senstone, Vrnet.Io in categories Consumer Products, AR/VR, Smart Home, Wearable Innovation, Digital Health Technology. The last category indeed has its’ Ukrainian front-runner – Cardiomo - which was nominated as the best Digital Health Technology product. At the same time, Ukrainian-born Petcube was chosen as the best Smart Home Solution. An interesting fact is that the list of nominated participants consists of Apple, Microsoft, Google, Samsung, Snapchat’s products and Ukrainian companies go in a row along with these technology-developing icons.

Let us remind that the Wearable Show awards is not the only case of Ukrainian startup’s great achievements at the international scene. A lot of you might remember Mobalytics winning the TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield and Ecoisme becoming the Best of Innovations at CES in 2016, but it is only a top of the mountain – Ukrainian technology is day by day developing, achieving not always visible but in fact impressive results.

For example, very recently Hideez has started the process of obtaining FIDO Alliance certification (Nok Nok Labs, PayPal and Lenovo were among the founders of organization), which means that technology would be an official instrument of strong authentication solving the problems which users face creating and remembering multiple usernames and passwords. Another Ukrainian company – SolarGaps – has become one of World's Most Notable Venture-Funded Renewable Energy Companies according to CBInsights.

Ukraine has already witnessed success stories of its startups that prove their high competitiveness in the global market, so we are keep working on structuring and institutionalization in this sector, fostering market's transformation from quantity into quality.

Wish our startups reaching new highs and look forward to seeing new join initiatives implemented. To learn more about this year Wearable Technology Show participants from Ukraine, please follow the links:

Hideez - Your Only Digital Key
Cariomo - Health monitoring that Saves your life
Technovator - Remote Wireless Charging
HushMe - World’s first voice mask for mobile phones
Senstone - Capturing ideas on the go
Vrnet.Io - Detailed virtual reality walkthroughs

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