UVCA supported the HackIT Cup final event attended by Steve Wozniak01 Oct 2017

On 30th September Ukrainian Venture Capital & Private Equity Association supported HackIT Cup final event, attended by cybersecurity legends Steve Wozniak, founder of Apple, and Phil Zimmerman, the founder of PGP, alongside with top-30 international white hat hackers and investors, UVCA members.

Also during the event Hacken, cybersecurity business, has announced formation of the advisory board and the completion of the company’s pre-sale for HKN — the first decentralized crypto token for cybersecurity professionals.

Cybercriminals around the world are no longer surprised anyone, and their consequences are becoming more serious and dangerous. There is a strong need to support initiatives for introducing cyber security innovations. The next global war, if it starts, can happen in cyberspace

Steve Wozniak
co-founder of Apple

Ukraine is constantly threatened by cyber attacks, said Philip Zimmerman, and advised not to seek outside help, but to focus on our own resources. "You need to think how you can leave all your valuable engineers working here in Ukraine, not sending talents to work abroad. It would be really helpful, if the Goverment finds additional investment opportunities" says Zimmermann.

Ukrainian Venture Capital & Private Equity Association (UVCA) is very glad to be a partner of the event and to support products, building bridges between Ukrainian and World community.