UVCA presented Ukrainian venture capital and private equity market overview 201512 Oct 2016

$ 132 million had been invested in Ukrainian companies in 2015 – such a number is shown at the Private Equity and Venture Capital overview presented by UVCA (Ukrainian PE&VC Association). According to it, in 2015 year there are 66 deals signed and the total investment stock is over 237% of the investments in 2014.

"Creating and improving the investment climate in Ukraine is the main task of the UVCA.Today the Association has 36 members, among of them are not only the leading Ukrainian investment market players but also international funds. - Olga Afanasieva, CEO of UVCA, - An important part of integration into the global market is availability and reliability of local data. Our Research Committee has done a great job collecting and structuring information about investment deals. This year we look forward for the inclusion of this data into the European dataset which is maintained by InvestEurope (formerly European Venture Capital Association). "

Ukrainian IT companies have attracted more foreign investors without losing interest at the local market. About half of the deals (48%) were converted with the participation of international funds. This fact demonstrates interest to Ukraine from the side of international partners and shows the recognition of Ukrainian projects in the world’s market.

The absolute majority of the deals (62) belong to venture capital sector (Early Stage investments). Growth Stage Deals have also showed up in 2015. Despite the fact there were only 4 such transactions, their total amount exceeded $ 100 million. The emergence of such deals leads to revitalization of the investment market; they show the examples of successful exits that inspire to invest in the Ukrainian startups.

Ukraine is already on the top of European IT outsourcing chart and being a prolific source of international startups, Ukraine is gaining more attention from global investors, but still remains an undercapitalized market compared to other European countries, - Andrey Kolodyuk, Chairman UVCA, Managing Partner AVentures Capital. - We at UVCA are eager to remove the gap, by channeling the power of our network into better awareness and investment climate and by proving that it is worthwhile to INVEST IN UKRAINE.

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