The Emerging Europe Outlook on Ukraine23 May 2017

Over the last couple of years Ukraine has been discussed internationally, very often. The military conflict in eastern Ukraine, corruption and economic challenges were the topics that international publications and broadcasters focused on. Is it really the image we, Ukrainians, want to promote? Will we benefit from it?

Emerging Europe, a London-based publication that discusses business opportunities in the 23 countries of Central and Eastern Europe, does it differently. They pick a country and discuss it in detail for a few months and they organise seminars and investment forums which take the editorial discussion to a whole new level by engaging national and international stakeholders.

The Emerging Europe Outlook on Ukraine, which is currently running, aims at attracting as much attention as possible to our country, giving a multi-faceted picture of it. More than 40 experts from various spheres share their expertise regarding the different aspects of what is currently going on inside the country, and tackle both the opportunities and challenges while presenting great case studies and success stories. The Outlook is an independent source of information about business opportunities in Ukraine.

As we well know, information is everything. It creates trust and emotional involvement and this is the first step to cooperation. Such a volumetric picture inevitably attracts general attention because it helps to gain a much better and fuller understanding about the country. It is crucial reading for all those who are interested in investing here or doing any business with local companies, be it those who buy our exported goods or those who cooperate by using our IT outsourcing services.

So, you can imagine that for all these people a publication of this kind would be quite an event, which they will definitely not leave unnoticed. Would you like to be noticed too?

You cannot miss this opportunity. You have a chance of appearing in the magazine. Just think — all those, who are interested in Ukraine, will read this Outlook on Ukraine. Additionally those from your sphere will notice your ad and might reach out to you. No need to spend thousands on Google Adwords, content marketing, SMM and all the other ways of gathering an audience. It is already gathered and is just waiting for you to speak to them. Both online and in printed format.

IT Companies also have an extra opportunity — an IT Outsourcing Networking Seminar, where the main company of clients of IT Outsourcing will gather clients to meet with potential vendors exclusively from Ukraine. In London, on 23 of May.

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